seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

My BIRTHDAY present, precioussss...

.... arrived this morning. It's both Birthday and Father's day, because honestly speaking we really can't afford it, but my lovely and tolerant wife Kathleen said we should finally get it.

Oh, what IS it?

The Playstation 3 I mentioned a couple weeks back. I have yet of course to unbox it -- had to go to work -- but tonight I will figure out how to do that, and -- if it demonstrates the ability to play the PS2 games (I got a 60GB model that's supposed to) -- Chris will then get the PS2 for his own.

Then I'll just have to slowly start getting some PS3 games, which I now have a nice list of thanks to all of you!

In other videogame news, the rest of my family has become hooked on The Sims 3.

It creeps me out too much to play, at least at the moment. I keep thinking of Hyperion.
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