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Apple *EPIC FAIL* (yo, Laptop Mechanic!)

So Kathleen's DVD/CD drive in her laptop has been acting up (put in a disc, it sits, thinks a moment, then spits it out; won't recognize either blank discs or commercial discs). Also some time ago for some unknown reason her AppleMail stopped working.

So we bring the machine in, leave it off to be serviced (we bought the AppleCare package, plus it's been less than a year anyway since we bought the thing). The mechanic did seem to be making noises about dings on the case as though it being dented might be a problem (note that none of these "dents" are significant).

They call back, say there's "evidence of liquid" in the case, and that they'll have to send it out to a repair center. Cost? S1200+, almost $1300.

WTF? (1) As far as we know, no one's spilled anything on these. (2) That's almost the cost of a brand-new machine.

So this morning I go over there and read them the riot act.

[ETA: This was to the manager, not to the tech. I wouldn't waste my time arguing with the tech.]

They won't budge. They show me the "liquid" evidence. This evidence appears to ME to be some kind of glue/adhesive line, sort of light brown, fairly thick (looking like an epoxy glue, maybe 1/16" thick), running the length of the bottom seal. They try to point to other things as evidence it "spread", but the marks they point to are clearly from one of the supports of the case, neither the same color nor indeed from any substance, just wear marks. They claim it can't be glue or anything like that and has to be some liquid that's been dried by the heat of the computer. I touch my tongue to it, poke at it, try to remove it -- this stuff has no significant taste and does not dissolve. If it were something like, oh, a sugar-based product, it would taste sweet AND would dissolve under saliva. It does not appear to soften, and I can't peel it off with my fingernails; it's TOUGH.

I also pointed out how long I've been a customer and how many computers I've bought from them. They show no sign of even being willing to make any kind of compromise; he mentions he's willing to discuss "a new computer" with me, but no indication that he's going to be discounting the computer significantly to replace this one.

So what, exactly, did I pay $300/computer for in the case of AppleCare? If I try to get something insured, I don't want it insured against anything that might happen to it left alone in a vault, I want it covered for normal use IN MY HOME (or whever it's going to be used).

I am very, very seriously -- painful though it may be -- considering ditching Apple in my next computer cycle.

In the meantime, (A) anyone know where up the chain I should take these protests/complaints, and (B) anyone know how to fix Mac laptops? I need the superdrive replaced or repaired to make her machine fully functional.

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