seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Finally saw the two-part finale of Doctor Who...

... And I'll talk a little about it...

Well, that could have been *FAR* worse. He hooked lots of things together and had them make sense (at least in a Doctor Whoish sort of way). Everyone had a part to play. Dr. River Song has become much more tolerable -- but in part only because I am now much more convinced that she's actually Romanadvoratralundar (especially with people saying that Gaiman's episode next season brings Romana back). Turning the Doctor into God Almighty is a bit much, or it would be if he hadn't been already, but it was done reasonably well. This isn't my FAVORITE of the finales, but it definitely beats "Last of the Timelords" -- there were no totally cringeworthy WTF moments like Dobby Doctor -- and is about equal with Rassilon's rampage end of last season.

Matt Smith is an excellent Doctor, however, and I came to like Amy Pond quite a bit -- and Rory way outdid Mickey in the Zero-To-Hero transition (partially because Rory, while being a bit tongue-tied and ineffectual when we met him, never had a moment of total LUSERdom like Mickey's that he had to live down. But also partially because he did some really heroic work in this last pair of episodes.

Looking forward to next season. :)
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