seawasp (seawasp) wrote,


For the last week I've had a recurring headache which I thought was mainly to do with the high allergen levels.

Then yesterday, while at work, I started to feel worse -- aches, and kinesthesia (that wierd "eew, something's TOUCHING ME!" feeling, where anything touching your arm or just about anything else feels... wrong, or painful -- "my hair hurts!"). Got a quick appointment with my doctor, drove in -- feeling worse as I drove there. She verified I had a fever and suspected that a sinus infection had gotten out of control. I managed to get my medicine and get home, and that was about it for yesterday. I spent all my time lying down with pain literally EVERYWHERE in my body. I ate maybe six or seven bites of pasta for dinner -- about half a bowl. It was bad enough that at one point I actually ended up crying for a few minutes, something that pain almost never manages with me.

It seems to be finally, slowly getting better today. I still hurt in a lot of places but it's not THAT bad any more.
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