seawasp (seawasp) wrote,


... for all the kind wishes. I'm hoping to see some improvement by today sometime.

I was taught a clear lesson on just how debilitating pneumonia is yesterday. I made my potato salad yesterday.

Now, I carefully planned this out; I distributed the work over the course of many hours, so I would not spend lots of time standing and working, etc. And while it's something of a chore, it's not THAT hard to do. You boil and peel a couple dozen eggs, you peel, cut, and boil a bunch of potatoes, you cut up red pepper and green onion (and the latter I already had cut up). Then when it's all done and chilled, you mix it together with mayo, mustard and in my case Inner Beauty hot sauce, and that's it.

I started work on it off and on through the day at about 9:30 and finished about 6:30pm, so about nine hours to make one dish.

It still TOTALLY exhausted me, leaving me so beat that I could barely crawl up the stairs.

I must now take this thing deadly (and I mean that literally) seriously. I'll go to the 4th of July cookout we traditionally attend, but no cooking for me, just sitting in the shade, sipping drinks, and watching everyone else work.
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