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This is the term for "looking at one's rankings on Amazon and trying to derive far more information from them than can reasonably be expected, but hell, you'll be waiting at least six months to get any REAL sales info so why not?"

The past couple of days have seen an interesting little potential shiift. Both GCA and Threshold appear to be on the (expected) decline (peak sales are expected within a month of release, often within the first couple of weeks). But the interesting thing is that for the past couple of days, GCA has been better-ranked than Threshold. This is doubly interesting in that GCA is a full month older than Threshold and is, of course, mine and mine alone; it doesn't have Eric's name on it.

What this *could* (mumble mumble handwave smoke and mirrors) indicate is that GCA has a "strong tail" -- that is, its sales will decline much more slowly and remain reasonably strong for some time. This would be ideal for me, of course.

Well, no, ideal for me would be to get starred reviews in PW or School Library Journal, then in major newspapers, and then be paid millions of dollars by Sam Raimi or JMS or James Cameron to adopt GCA into a major motion picture.

But barring Mr. Roarke from FANTASY ISLAND visiting me, this is pretty good, in a vapory kind of way. :)
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