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Movie Meme!

Well, lemme give this one a shot. What were those rules? Ummm...

(edited to add the No Cheating rule)

(Additional Comment: I'm surprised at some of the ones not yet ID'd...)

UPDATE: All Identified now!

Post 13 quotes from movies without identifying the source.

As the sources are identified, cross out the quote, and add the source.

NO CHEATING! Do it from memory, not the almighty Google! (it's okay for the POSTER to search for quotes from their chosen movie if they wish to verify wording and things of that nature, but the people trying to guess should play fair and do it from memory.)

When you eliminate a quote, add an explanation of the reason you chose that quote.

And post these rules in your journal.

1) "Don't be boring. Everyone who says that dies." Dracula to the poor bastard werewolf who has just stated that he would rather die than serve Dracula, in Van Helsing. Chosen because it's a rather nice comeback to a pedestrian hero line. And because Van Helsing is an undeservedly sneered-at movie which my wife and I have watched several times.

2) "Joe, this is a hotel. People are trying to sleep. Now die quietly, or I shall have to ask you to leave!"

I suspect Mr. Rittenhouse has identified this one, but as he did not state title or character, I will force him to put himself through the agony of posting it, or else wait until someone else does. (evil grin)
Well, he tried and was REAL CLOSE, but it was "CallahansHappy" who actually gave the correct ID, along with character. Fatal Fury 2, Lord Krauser to Joe Higashi. Krauser got almost ALL of the good lines in Fatal Fury 2. I like the Fatal Fury series of game-based anime; in some ways the Fatal Fury Motion Picture is the best of its subgenre, although it does not have the best grand finale; that honor goes to Street Fighter II: The Movie, with Ken and Ryu VS Vega-Sama.

3) "Excuse me, General. Would you mind stepping outside?" Finally identified properly as Superman (Christopher Reeve) inviting General Zod to discuss their differences in the normal superheroic fashion, from Superman 2. While, contrary to the hype, Superman/Superman 2 (the two were filmed essentially together) didn't make me "belive a man could fly", it WAS the best superhero movie made to that point, and for many years thereafter. Christopher Reeve (RIP) *WAS* the Man of Steel, and seemed to epitomize the Good Guy image even in his private life. In a way, I pity any other actor trying to pick up that cape; the towering presence that Reeve brought to the role will overshadow any but the best actor. Reeve was the only man who managed to make that stupid "glasses and hair" trick convincing. Clark Kent and Superman were the same man, yet with this minor appearance change and a startling bit of acting, they became diametrically different people.

4) "An enlightened man would offer a humble traveler shelter for the night and share a quiet conversation over a bowl of Cocoa Puffs." The Bulletproof Monk. This was an absolutely charming movie in its own way, and the first time I've seen Chow Yun Fat doing a role that didn't require "grim" as his major expression. He has a marvelous sense of comedic timing which I would never have expected.

5) "...It's already HERE." Twister. One of the few movies Bill Paxton lives through. That was a great movie. "We have debris." "*DEBRIS?!!!" (as large pieces of farm machinery rain down)

6) "I feel... I have been DENIED... CRITICAL, NEED-TO-KNOW INFORMATION!" I feel bad about not striking this one out (as opposed to #2, which I feel evilly cheerful about) because the answer is ALMOST right, but unfortunately not quite. Burt Gummer, Tremors 2. The Tremors movies were unique in managing to maintain the junkfood Movie tone without completely becoming junk. Bert got some of the best lines in all of them.

7) "SURVIVAL... of the... FITTEST?! I don't THINK so." Sid the Sloth, ensuring that the psycho sabertooth who tried to jump him remained stuck like a cork in a bottle. Ice Age was a surprise, an incredibly stupid-looking movie that managed to be funny and still work as a story.

8) "Oh BOYS... I think he's come back for his noon feeding." Matt Hooper, JAWS, to his other two shipmates. There are acres of cool quotes from this movie, which is one of Stephen Spielberg's two truly great movies. I'm not sure how often I've seen this one, but it's a lot.

9) "You are also a theif, and a thief is a king until he is caught." Tom Baker as Prince Koura speaking to Sinbad, in The Golden Voyage of Sinbad. First of all, it's Ray Harryhausen, so how can you lose? Second, it's Tom Baker chewing scenery as a villain! Third, it's a cool adventure story. One of the things I really liked about this one was the depiction of black magic and its costs -- very well done. Another was the fact that Koura's sidekick was clearly, genuinely concerned for his master, worked very hard to take care of him, and as I recall actually lived to find another master (hopefully this time NOT one involved in black magic, etc.)

10) "I've never seen so many men wasted so bad." The Man With No Name, from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, looking over a Civil War battlefield. This is perhaps the archetypal Western of the gritty sort (as opposed to the John Wayne sort), with a hauntingly unforgettable soundtrack and some of the greatest film work I've ever seen.

11) "Oooooohhhh, that's not RIIIIIght." Galaxy Quest. This movie may have more cool quotes per hour than any other. I was tempted to put up several others -- such as "What you fail to realize is that MY ship is dragging MINES!" -- but this one demanded the spot. One of the few parodies I have seen which was obviously done with love, not sneering derision, for its original source.

12) "You need to get yourself a GIRL, mate." Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean, to Will Turner. Yes, he should have gotten an Oscar for this work, but there was no Friggin' Way the Academy would give BOTH of The Big Awards to that fuzzy-headed fantasy crap. Since Lord of the Rings had them all in a chokehold for Best Picture, they dissed Johnny Depp. This is a GREAT pirate movie with tons of cool scenes and lines (to me, it's worth its purchase price for Captain Sparrow's grand entrance alone).

13) "There ain't no stoppin' what can't be stopped, no killin' what can't be killed." "King Willie" to Officer Hannigan (Danny Glover) in Predator 2. In some ways I liked this one better than the first, though the final battle required me to do a bit of WSOD control; Schwarzenegger's method of whacking his alien was much more believable.

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