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Television Meme!

I'm posting this one as a parallel to the Movie Meme. Note some slightly different rules for this that address the differences between TV and Movies.

1) Post 13 Quotes from various TV series in your LJ.

2) As people identify the sources of the quotes, strike them out

3) If you have multiple quotes from a SINGLE series, STRIKE OUT ALL QUOTES FROM THAT SERIES when any ONE of the quotes is properly identified.

4) Whenever you strike out a quote, add in a line explaining your choice or giving some interesting fact about the series.

5) NO CHEATING! Do it from memory, not the almighty Google! (it's okay for the POSTER to search for quotes from their chosen show if they wish to verify wording and things of that nature, but the people trying to guess should play fair and do it from memory.)

6) Post these rules along above the quotes in your LJ.

And now, my quote choices from TV series:

1. "What?... ONE MAN?..." *sigh* "This is starting to have a DEPRESSINGLY familiar ring to it." I shouldn't have put in another quote from the same series, but I suspect no one but me would ever get this one. The Six Million Dollar Man. In the relevant episode, Steve has been getting in the speaker's way several times, and while they've never met face-to-face the bad guy has heard very similar reports of a single man disrupting the entire operation.

2. "This man confuses me. Kill him."

3. "Don't. You're too young to experience that much pain." Commander Susan Ivanova, Babylon 5. Ivanova got some of the best lines of the series, so I knew I would use one of hers, but I tried to choose a somewhat lesser-quoted line (rather than, say, the Babylon 5 Mantra. A cool character on a cool show.

4. "He's gone binary on us." Buffy, of course. A demon translated into a computer program. (I toyed with that idea some years ago for one of Jason Wood's "problems".) While Buffy destroyed itself slowly and painfully over the course of its later seasons (with occasional bright spots such as Giles' reappearance in the grand finale of season 6(?)), early on it was one of the coolest and most clever shows on TV. Took me a while to get used to it, though, as I was rather expecting the movie, not a quite different take on the idea.

5. "Why is it that EVERYTHING today has had to do with something either going into, or coming out of, MY ASS?!" The massively overweight and grouchy Eric Cartman on South Park. South Park is a very uneven show -- sometimes very funny, sometimes just crude and stupid -- but in many of the early episodes it showed that it could be crude and clever at the same time. This was from the Alien Abduction ep.

6. "I'm coming to save the lot of ye! Ugh, I'm bad at this!" Willie from The Simpsons in "The Shinnin'", the Halloween parody of King's The Shining ("No beer and no TV makes Homer... something something...")

7. "My name is Charles Henry Moffet... and this is my last will and testament." Airwolf. Moffet was the psycho genius who designed the Mach+attack helicopter Airwolf; the quote is from "Moffet's Ghost", in which a sort of deadman switch program activates and takes control of Airwolf. I loved that show. Not the later season done by USA network, though. Without Jan-Michel Vincent and Earnest Borgnine it just wasn't the same.

8. "Don't make me angry, Mr. Magee. You won't like me when I'm angry.
Dr. David Banner, The Incredible Hulk. While as an actual adaptation of the Hulk comic this was, well, a pale and weak attempt, the show was on occasion quite interesting on its own in its approach to the problem of having a physical Jekyll and Hyde condition.

9. "You command no one who does not willingly give you dominion. You have no power over me!" Commander Apollo to Count Eblis, Battlestar Galactica. The Galactiverse-version of Satan discovering that some of the fleet just aren't vulnerable to his powers.

10. "Flight call, I can't hold her, she's breaking up, she's breaking up!" From the opening to the Six Million Dollar Man. People my age probably all have heard that entire monologue at least once... "Gentlemen... we can rebuild him. We have the technology..."

11. "I love it when a plan comes together!" One of the classic lines from The A-Team. A silly show indeed, but when you're sick and unable to read, that's the kind of show you need. How many shows can people use automatic weapons and explosives and still kill NOBODY?

12. "I am not a chicken! I am a FOWL!" Virgil, the feathery sage in Mighty Max. Oddly, this cartoon which started as nothing more or less than an advertisement for a line of stupid action-figure toys, was one of the most intelligent, interesting, quirky, and just plain FUN cartoons ever produced. It didn't hurt that the show's ultimate villain, Skullmaster, was voiced by the inimitable Tim Curry.

13. "Well, Colonel, I logged over 100 hours over enemy air space during the Gulf War. Is that tough enough for you...or are we going to have to arm wrestle?" Dr Samantha Carter to Colonel O'Neill, Stargate SG-1, kicking him in his prejudices. This was one of the best SF shows ever made, IMCGO.

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