seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

SQUEEE! Publisher's Weekly Review of Threshold -- and it's good!

Either this is a late-emerging review, or I somehow missed it before.

EDIT: It seems to have vanished from that link, too. Are reviews over a week old no longer accessible without subscription?

It's not a long review, as you can see by the whole thing here, but it's nicely positive in tone and despite one "understatement to the point of almost wrong" (saying the Bemmie technology is  "millennia" old rather than 65 million years old), it's a good overview that isn't very spoilery at all. It includes  this excellent line:"This genial, fast-paced sci-fi espionage thriller is light in tone and hard on science and a fine choice for any collection."

I couldn't really hope for a better review from a real source, eh?

Wish I could've seen one for GCA, but I suspect they generally only do hardcovers.
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