seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

I was pretty productive on Sunday...

... and overall filled with cooking win!

The night before, after the game (and technically Sunday, pretty much, by the time I got really started) I began the prep of a beef brisket BBQ. I've never done one of those before and I've only seen them prepared on-screen in ways I can't  (e.g., 8 hours of cooking inside a hickory-wood fired oven, etc.). So I decided that I wanted to make sure there was some of the "cooked on a grill" flavor but that this was clearly a slow-cooked recipe; given that, I first did a rub (what I call a "semi-dry" rub) all over the brisket but mostly concentrated on the fat cap, and then put it on the outdoor grill for about 20 minutes to half an hour (yes, this was after midnight, must have looked odd). Then I brought it in and put it in the crockpot overnight.

The next morning I got up and moved the brisket into the oven on a rack, because what I'd seen indicated that the brisket was a dry slow cook, basted occasionally, not wet-cooked like the crockpot. It tasted pretty good and we're going to have it tonight.

The previous day Kathleen had made some of her marinade for a bunch of chicken tenders, and so those marinated for about 14 hours before I started cooking them. Prior to frying the tenders I also made some homemade french fries to freeze. I made my own dipping batter (a dry batter, since the liquid would come from the marinade) which was part cornstarch, part masa harina, and several spices (salt, garlic, paprika [handfuls] and a few others) with brown sugar. I then drained off the marinade and dipped the tenders and fried them for a while (this was a big bunch of chicken -- I freeze them for future use -- so I had to do quite a few batches). Tasting them, I think these may be the bestest tenders EVER, and Kathy agreed.

We'd also marinated some pork ribs overnight that Kathy got from the Asian food store; the marinade was sherry, dark soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar. Those marinated almost 18 hours before I put them in the oven. I basted them with some dumpling dipping sauce I'd made the previous day.

Those were a complete hit -- everyone ate them and even Chris, who's normally not a rib fan, said he liked them. I didn't even use barbeque sauce on mine.

And in between all that, I still got some writing done -- finishing the outline for Portal, the third novel in the Boundary series!
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