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As many people know, I went to Genericon this weekend. MC'd the cosplay. It was a good Con (Genericon always is), but I noticed my throat was a little sore on Sunday early afternoon. I thought that was because I'd been basically doing a lot of talking all weekend.

By 5:30, however, I was feeling crappy all over. By Monday, I was incapacitated. On Tuesday I went to the doctor, got a wide-spectrum antibiotic, and, in case this didn't go away, prednisone. Now, I HATE prednisone. It does the job wonderfully, but it's responsible for weight gain, messes with the immune system, and can cause severe mood swings. The last time I was on this stuff was VERY unfun.

However, the bloody disease is in my lungs and if it irritates things sufficiently the asthma enters a self-sustaining cycle. So I may have to.

So today I force myself into work, as there's a presentation/meetiing tomorrow to some people from NYSERDA for one of our projects, and... my blasted computer refuses to boot. This is the third hard drive this machine has fried in about two years. It is now clear that it must be the machine. So they'll be getting me a new machine, but most of today was devoted to bringing back some functionality to this one so I can get SOMETHING done in the interim. By the end of the day I was (and still am) completely exhausted.
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