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Thirty Days of Anime, Day 6: Most Annoying Anime Character

The anime saga continues!

"Most Annoying"... You know, that's a hard choice, not the least of it being that there's so many WAYS to be annoying. I think I'll reserve the one that crosses the line from "Annoyance" to "Detestable" for tomorrow.

There's still an awful lot of choices. All the little girl characters that exist only to whine or interfere. All the characters who can't get a clue even if it was driven into their skulls with a Kame-Hame-Ha. All the bubbleheaded girl characters whose competence evaporates as soon as a male appears in the room. All the "cute creatures" that exist to steal the show and yet contribute nothing useful to the show.

But after reflection the award must go to Galaxy Police Officer Mihoshi, from Tenchi Muyo! (original). No link provided because I can't tell WHICH of the billion Tenchi DVDs on Amazon is, in fact, the original OVA series.

Mihoshi is the single largest flaw in the original sequence. The original hints of her coming made it possible to interpret her as being the Dirty Pair in a single being, which would have fit with the overall theme of the series and been fairly interesting as an addition to the crazy cast.

Instead, we get what may be the single stupidest character in all anime, vying for the title against such heavyweights as Tatawake Kuno of Ranma and C-Ko Kotobuki from Project:A-Ko. Every scene she's in is less for her appearance, and her worst annoyance is the constant interspersing of scenes with her in them during the climactic battle against Kagato. There were many ways to achieve all the things she did (which weren't many) without having to have her be the literal distillation of every Dumb Blonde joke EVER. Mihoshi, all-time champion of Annoying. Accept ANY substitutes!

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