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Thirty Days of Anime, Day 7: Character you'd most like to slap

Hey, look, a week of posts.

There are many characters who are slap-worthy at one time or another; the Ecchi Old Men, the clueless hero who seems to not only lack clues but actively filters them out, the stereotypically bitchy female characters who themselves are prone to slapping with no provocation other than their own emotional state, the list goes on.

For this, I wanted a character for whom slapping could be an all-day enjoyable experience. Not just one slap and done, but a full-on humiliating super-powered bitchslap from hell (a La Sofia from Battle Arena Toshinden), repeated for hours on end and never losing its satisfying feeling.

And in that category, there could be only one choice:

SASUKE UCHIHA from Naruto Shippuden, COME ON DOWN! You've won a year's supply of
delivered to you by the lovely and talented
*See at about 1:51 in this video

Sasuke is the character my wife and I detest the most of all the characters we've seen in all the anime we've watched. Even the VILLAINS don't match our level of distaste for this whining, backstabbing, self-justifying, arrogant, self-pitying emo gothboy shinobi. Oh, he starts out having had a hard life and some being emo and grouchy could be justified. But Sasuke takes this and doesn't just run with it, he goes and gambles with it at Vegas and breaks the bank, and then plays the stock market of EMO LOSERDOM riding a full-on bull market.

Spoilers below for Naruto/Naruto Shippuden:

Sasuke is trained with Naruto and Sakura. Both of them see something (what, I have no idea) in him to like. Well, Sakura gets a crush on him because he IS good looking in an angsty gothboy sort of way. Naruto feels sympathetic towards Sasuke's hard life.

But Sasuke, after a few early signs of possibly having the ability to become a halfway decent person, decides that he's not going to have any of THAT. He gets selected by Orochimaru to be his next body (Orochimaru being a very cool and creepy villain who happens to burn up bodies at a regular rate) and GOES ALONG WITH IT so he can kill his brother, who killed off his clan. This is important enough to him that he'll screw over the ENTIRE VILLAGE that he comes from, ignore the people who have gone the extra mile to make sure he knows they are, or want to be, his friends and to help him with whatever he needs done, and basically works to become a more nasty bastard than the main villains could ever be. It turns out his brother killed the rest of the clan because THEY WERE ALL BASTARDS TOO; he spared his little brother specifically because Sasuke couldn't have been a part of the whole mess (and because he hoped Sasuke WOULD kill him eventually; your parents may be bastards but that doesn't mean you feel good about offing them). After learning this, after getting away from Orochimaru and, apparently, killing him for good (though Orochimaru is very, very slippery and I'm not betting against him having ANOTHER backup plan), does Sasuke decide he's done? That he can try to live a decent life having achieved his (twisted) ambition? Why, no, even when Naruto makes clear that he STILL wants to save Sasuke from damnation, Sasuke throws that in his face, and Sakura's affection in hers, and teams up with the REAL bad guy.

And the fangirls LIKE THIS GUY? Gods above. Go to it, #18-sama, hit him again!

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