seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

BBBBBBbbbllllllaaaaaaahhhhhhhh the UPDATE

I now have a nebulizer which dispenses both albuterol and a steroid in mist form. The company (Clark Respiratory) was EXTREMELY helpful -- "Wendy" took my name and other info and went and did battle with my insurance company, then once they'd arranged for the insurance to pay for most of it a gentleman named "Abe" delivered it direct to my door. Kathy, meanwhile, was at the pharmacy picking up the actual medicine (note: measure of how poorly I'm feeling is that a 9-months pregnant woman can easily outclimb me on stairs and outwalk me to the car, etc.).

I have now had both treatments and they appear to be having some effect. I am far from recovered, however, and am still NOT out of danger. The last time I was this bad was in Pittsburgh, 1993, and I damn near ended up in the hospital. I *did* end up on a whole month+ of prednisone, which was terribly UnFun for both me and Kathy.

My doctors have recommended very low levels of activity and not exposing myself to cold air (which is a major irritant for my lungs) at all if I can avoid it. I will be out of work again tomorrow and being very careful all weekend. The hope is that this will allow me to be pretty much fully recovered, at least in terms of what I can do (although I'll still be on the meds for a while), by Monday.
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