seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

MORE DoomyDoomDOoom with DOOooOOoom Sauce for HUGO!

Y'know, the Gloomy SF Is Better movement is now *FORTY YEARS OLD*. The original New Wavers are dead or reaching the end of their careers. Don't you think it's time to GIVE IT AN F'ING REST? I mean, really, picking WATERS OF MARS ,of ALL the Doctor Who you could have chosen?

Yes, I know. I'm USED to awards being given to the stuff that's worst, but it does get a bit WEARING after a while. Hell, it's not like the Grand Finale this year was all sweetness and light; it was pretty grim. But it didn't involve grade-A choice stupidity AS WELL as doomy doom dooOoooOooom.

(I can't judge most of the others, not having read 'em. But I know what Charles Stross writes, and I find it likely that there's a lot of doominess in it.)
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