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ALBACON this weekend -- Reminder, Questions, and Schedule!

As I mentioned a bit back, Albacon -- the Albany SF/F convention -- is coming up this weekend. I have a heavy schedule which will be putting a strain on the rest of my family, but Kathy has agreed to put up with it partially because I missed out entirely last year.

It appears I have a full hour for doing readings this time. My current intentions are to read something from GCA -- possibly the scene I call "DuQuesne's Awakening" -- and then something from one of my in-progress/in-submission works, probably "Fall of Saints", and specifically the scenes which lead to Poplock meeting up with Tobimar. Any other suggestions from anyone who's going to be there?


4:00 Friday: Fan Fiction: Stepping Stone?: More and more writers are making the leap from fan fiction to pro status: can fanfic be a writing workshop for you?
Ivey, Jamison, Prellwitz, Sawicki, Spoor

8:00 Friday: Ice Cream Social

11:00 AM Saturday: Avatar: Genius or Hype? It's been hailed as a work of genius by the people who want to live in its world, but it's also been dismissed as a retread of old SF ideas with a veneer of shiny tech. Have your say!
Easton (M), Fludd, Lieven, Prellwitz, Sawicki, Spoor, Ventrella

1:00 PM Saturday: Signing. I have books in case they don't, but usually they've got a good supply for these things.

2:00 PM Saturday: Doctor Who: A lively discussion of the long-term series whether you think the latest doctor is a punk kid or you long for the days of Tom Baker
Lieven, Rothman, Schwabach, Spoor

6:00 PM Saturday: Reading by Me. Bring your dinner if you like. :) I'm open to suggestions; if, as it appears, I have an hour, there's a good deal of reading that can be done in that time.

It's All Anime, All Day on Sunday for me. I get to sit in the same room and pontificate for THREE HOURS.

11:00 AM Sunday: Anime/Manga Terms You Should Know: Get up to speed on the lingo so you don't have to feel like a newbie
Ivey, Ralston, Spoor

12 Noon Sunday: Anime Space: What does space and space travel look like in anime?
Prellwitz, Ralston, Spoor

1:00 PM Sunday: Vampires in Anime: Do they Sparkle?: The bloodsuckers in anime and manga
Ivey, Ralston, Spoor

Hope to see some of you there!

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