seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

No Genericon for me...

I was informed by Mr. Dominic Difranzo of Genericon:

...the group wants to go with almost all new guest this year and focus on different areas of guests for the convention. So I'm afraid we won't be able to formally have you as a guest for this year's Genericon. This isn't an easy decision  to make, but we feel its the right one for the convention.


Okay, I've been one of their guests for like seven years running, always accommodating as far as I know (at least, if I gave anyone any problems, no one ever mentioned them to me, which would be rather foolish because it would deprive me of any chance to improve), MC'd their cosplay by request multiple times, and never cost them much -- heck, I didn't even go to the dinner a couple of times.

I can't help but feel rather put out by this one.  I've had conventions say "sorry, we can't fit you in as a guest" -- like Worldcon, for instance -- but a small local con deciding that a guest who can provide his own transport, lodging, etc. and ask no more than a table to sit at seems... shortsighted at best.

Good thing I did a LOT of panels and stuff at Albacon; looks like I'm down to *ONE* convention a year now, barring a sudden increase in funds and free time allowing me to trek off somewhere else.

So those of you thinking about dropping by Genericon to see me (I know there were a couple)... ain't happenin. Though if you come up anyway you can always visit.

Phooey. :(
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