seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Con Advice...

Given that one convention has decided I'm not really someone they want at their convention, and the other local convention is kinda tottering along but weren't sure they'd make it this year (and thus must be questionable for the next couple, anyway), I am now looking for substitutes. The farthest out I can reasonably go would be probably Boston (Boskone, Arisia) because it's BARELY possible for me to do the commute. (there's no way I can afford to go there and pay for a hotel room, etc., ignoring the idea that Kathy would not be able to handle my taking off for two-three days for a convention). So it has to be a convention that would (A) have me as a guest [some big ones are very picky about guests], (B) have enough book-relevant attendance that it would be professionally worth my taking that much time out of my writing and family schedule to attend, and (C) be no farther away than Boston (and probably not in New York; NYC itself is complicated enough to handle that getting in and out of it would add another half hour to two hours to the commute time, at least)

Any suggestions?
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