seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Truths that we need to remember on Election day...

... are here.

The fact is that there's been a lot of crap spewed about what the government's been doing since the last Presidential election. While there are some things Obama's done/not done that I really do not like (most notably he re-authorized Patriot rather than let that obscenity die a swift death), he's done a lot of things as well as could be expected (given that he *IS* a politician, not the Pure Hero that some of the prior voters hoped for and that, truthfully, would have crashed and burned INSTANTLY after election). This list points out a lot of the complete and utter MISinformation that's put around to make him (and his associated political allies) look bad.

I'm not particularly in favor of one party; in fact, I want ALL the parties abolished. But as long as this is an election focused on two parties, I want the least-damaging one to remain in place.
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