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Jules Verne Translations?

As some may know, the original translations of Jules Verne's masterpieces -- Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, Journey to the Center of the Earth, Around the World in 80 Days, The Mysterious Island, and others -- were terribly edited, sometimes bowdlerized, and poorly translated; as one example, roughly 25% of the original Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea was REMOVED. Yes, the novel most of us know should have been a third again as long, and the pieces removed, or badly edited, did major damage to the coherence and accuracy of the novel, making Verne look less educated than he actually was. The truly shocking thing is that many of those original translations remain the basis of most published versions to this day. The truly astounding thing is that despite such mangling, they still became enormously popular over here.

Back in (I think) 1993, the Naval Institute Press produced a fully restored and annotated Twenty Thousand Leagues. This is the one I've taken as the gold standard since.

However, at Albacon I spoke with someone who said there is a more recent and even better translation (better not in that it has more restored -- the Naval Institute version did that fine -- but in that it's a better written translation).

This sparked a desire in me to know what Verne novels have had full-length well-done translations to English performed relatively recently (past few decades) and whether they're available. I'd really like to read the full versions if someone's done a good job of translating them.

Any input?

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