seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Two unrelated things...

1) This TSA thing? Really really really annoying. I had THOUGHT they were using millimeter-wave devices, which at least would have no PHYSICAL danger associated with them, but apparently the predominant devices are using low-power *x-rays*. They're also apparently being sold by a company which is either owned or at least advised by the former head of DHS. Can you say "Conflict of Interest", boys and girls? Oh, and no, I see no good reason for any of this ludicrous security theater. When I was a kid, you went to the airport, you walked out the gate door and got on board. I see no particular reason I shouldn't be able to do that today. If people want to blow up a plane, they can still do it. If you want to hijack a plane, 9/11 completely shot your chances; now no one will assume they'll live if they co-operate so you'll just end up dead in a mob scene. So let's get rid of the stupidity and get back to travelling like people. Let's certainly NOT introduce screening which amounts to total privacy invasion and/or molestation, especially with regards to the significant percentage of people who have reason to have ISSUES with that sort of thing. 

2) Anyone else have LJ removing Friend links from your list? Someone new added me, so I went in to add him... and in the process found at least two people who had been DE-friended, which I certainly hadn't done, nor would ever have done unless those people had basically told me to.
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