seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

From the "WTF???" Department...

I happened to check Amazon's listing for Digital Knight.

Now, this is an obscure little urban fantasy novel that never even earned out its advance, and didn't do well enough to convince Jim Baen to either do a second print run or to do a sequel (admittedly, the market then was pretty bad).

It's out of print now, of course, so Amazon can't offer it directly; other Amazon-associated sellers can, of course.

What do I see in the options?

3 new from $55.05
16 used from $2.40

"FROM $55.05"???

Out of gobsmacked curiosity, I check to see what the "From" goes TO.

The other two copies are listed at $149 and $151, respectively.


So I check the used copies; $2.40 is actually a pretty respectable price itself for a used book that only sold for $8.00 when new SEVEN YEARS AGO.

So there's a bunch at about $2.40, then some at $3.00... and then it ramps up at the end to $5, $20, and $55.00.

For a *USED* copy.

Holy Mother of Jebus.
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