seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Idle questions to the other authors on my list...

1) Per my New Year's, RESOlution, I'm going to be reading at least one book from all the authors I have a reasonable connection to that have a novel or more published since 2003, assuming I haven't read any of their books since 2003. This is to rectify the fact that my reading has plummeted INCREDIBLY since I got published (and more since I got more kids). So those on my list (e.g., Autopope, LWE, Anghara, etc.) who have published at least one novel in that time, please let me know which novel you think I should read of yours.

EDIT: If you're on my LJ friendslist, that's "reasonable connection". If you're on r.a.sf.c, definitely a reasonable connection.

EDIT 2: "Published" means "traditional publication" -- you were paid an advance, worked with an editor, your book is on Amazon as a paper book,  and not as a self-published thingie.

2) As you know, I've just been informed that Grand Central Arena is to be translated and published in Japan. I'm wondering how common this is -- that is, how often in general do novels get picked up for that kind of treatment? For someone like (for instance) Charlie Stross I presume virtually all his books will, but for a lesser-known author? One in 2? One in 5? One in 10?
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