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Unidentified Movie and TV quotes...

I still have a few that no one's identified yet (except for one which Shana googled for and notified me she now knew, but did not actually identify). Let's see if anyone can finally put any of these to rest, or if I should just either identify them or open it up to googling.

UPDATE: Only one quote remains unidentified: The second one in the TV list: "This man confuses me. Kill him."

I will post the answer in a few days. I never really expected ANYONE to get that one.

In TELEVISION Quotes, the remaining 2 not identified are:

2. "This man confuses me. Kill him."


12. "I am not a chicken! I am a FOWL!" Virgil, the feathery sage in Mighty Max. Oddly, this cartoon which started as nothing more or less than an advertisement for a line of stupid action-figure toys, was one of the most intelligent, interesting, quirky, and just plain FUN cartoons ever produced. It didn't hurt that the show's ultimate villain, Skullmaster, was voiced by the inimitable Tim Curry.

Under the MOVIE quotes, the following three remain unidentified:

3) "Excuse me, General. Would you mind stepping outside?" Finally identified properly as Superman (Christopher Reeve) inviting General Zod to discuss their differences in the normal superheroic fashion, from Superman 2. While, contrary to the hype, Superman/Superman 2 (the two were filmed essentially together) didn't make me "belive a man could fly", it WAS the best superhero movie made to that point, and for many years thereafter. Christopher Reeve (RIP) *WAS* the Man of Steel, and seemed to epitomize the Good Guy image even in his private life. In a way, I pity any other actor trying to pick up that cape; the towering presence that Reeve brought to the role will overshadow any but the best actor. Reeve was the only man who managed to make that stupid "glasses and hair" trick convincing. Clark Kent and Superman were the same man, yet with this minor appearance change and a startling bit of acting, they became diametrically different people.

7) "SURVIVAL... of the... FITTEST?! I don't THINK so." Sid the Sloth, ensuring that the psycho sabertooth who tried to jump him remained stuck like a cork in a bottle. Ice Age was a surprise, an incredibly stupid-looking movie that managed to be funny and still work as a story.


10) "I've never seen so many men wasted so bad." The Man With No Name, from the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, looking over a Civil War battlefield. This is perhaps the archetypal Western of the gritty sort (as opposed to the John Wayne sort), with a hauntingly unforgettable soundtrack and some of the greatest film work I've ever seen.

I can understand people not identifying #7, but the fans in my Friends list should be ashamed of missing #3, and those who have broader media tastes should be ashamed of missing #10.
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