seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

What the heck is wrong with us?

Usually when my wife and I get matching "Oh God I feel like sh*t" things, they're clearly the same thing, even if they manifest slightly differently, and they're treated the same way.

But this past couple weeks I got a full-blown asthmatic attack with chest infection, which ended up needing antibiotics and prednisone to knock back on its heels. Kathy got an infection and then, near as we can tell, some sort of hideous reaction to the antibiotic which has caused something even more wrong than usual with her gut -- an agonizing gastritis, ulcer, or maybe something worse/more exotic.

Then one of her symptoms became aches and pains that interfered with even sleeping.

Now *I* have those, and I didn't have any of her negative reactions to MY medicine.

WTF? Are we being privileged to have ANOTHER disease visiting us right after the first?

Oh, and my lungs aren't ACTUALLY clear, just not as choked up as they were, which worries me greatly. I don't need MORE worry in addition to worrying about Kathy. And of course the cost of DOING anything about it, since very recently the insurance company unilaterally changed the plan I'm under and things like doctor visits, ER visits, and so on are MUCH more expensive now. (one plus is that now generic prescriptions are free, but all the other costs are up).

Yeah, compared to a lot of other people on my Flist we're not that bad off physically, or monetarily, but it's still a PITA and worse with 4 kids that you're theoretically supposed to be taking care of.
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