seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

RIP Elisabeth Sladen...

Best known as Sarah Jane Smith, companion first to Jon Pertwee's Doctor, then to Tom Baker's, and much later to meet up again with David Tennant's and Matt Smith's, Ms. Sladen was a wonderful actress, by all accounts a good person, and one of those who accepted with good grace that she had one role that had made her famous, and grabbed that role with both hands. Four seasons of the marvelous Sarah Jane Adventures proved that even at 60 Sarah Jane was just as smart, dangerous, and attractive as she'd been in her 20s -- more so, because the writers LET her kick the ass we always knew she could. One of the finest female role-models on anyone's television and apparently beloved by the other cast she worked with.

It seems she'd been ill for quite a while, and simply never let anyone outside of her family know.

Rest in peace, Elisabeth. And Sarah Jane.
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