seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

The Last Stubborn Quote Revealed...

Well, all of the quotes on my Movie List were finally identified. However, #2 on the TV list was not; no one even ventured a guess that came within miles of it.

I was actually pretty confident that it would not be identified, as only I and about three other people in the country ever watched this short-lived series.

"This man confuses me; kill him!": Spoken by the Supreme Gorgon to his minions about the dual-personalitied Gene/Jean, in the TV show "Quark", starring Richard Benjamin as Captain Quark, commander of a spacegoing garbage scow who kept getting involved in cosmic conflicts. A sort of attempt at "Galaxy Quest" well before its time, Quark was an SF comedy which had some really bright ideas but, in my opinion, overkill execution. The idea of a crew of misfits saving the world is not a new one, but you need a balance between the silliness of your crew and some seriousness to carry the plot along. Quark was far too overbalanced with silliness: Quark himself was the only straight man, an apparently quite intelligent and competent captain who somehow had been saddled with the worst crew ever assembled in one place: Ficus, the plant-man science officer who made Mr. Spock look like a raving hysteric; Gene/Jean, both male and female sets of genes and of personalities (Gene was a warmongering combat machine, Jean a pacifist); and a pair of beautiful identical twins (I think they were Betty and Betty, but I'm not sure after all these years) who were as I recall archetypes of Dumb Blonde.

Quark took jabs at Star Trek, Star Wars, and a host of other shows, books, and current ideas. It was a neat attempt, but doomed to obscurity. Galaxy Quest did it much better, many years later. I'm not sure such a thing COULD be done as a long-running series.
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