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As it turns out, I will not be swearing vengeance against Marvel and riding on a wave of fire and death to destroy all associated with this production.

Thor was excellent. In fact, being non-spoilery, the only thing really wrong with it is that it's too short. I think it should've been a full three hours, to give us more character and world development. With the two hours they allotted, they did VERY well; they managed to compress origin, history, romance, and motivation within the space they had and be acceptable in detail and effect. Yes, certain things happen faster than I think they should for the best pacing and believability, but if someone said "Look, two hours is pretty much all we can give you; we know you'll start to shed audience when it runs longer", then this was as good as it gets in that restriction.

Asgard is PERFECT -- a Kirby and Simonson visual feast that really never stops giving. Helmsley as Thor is excellent from start to finish. Portman's Jane Foster... well damn, she even LOOKED like the old Jane Foster, somehow. Tom Hiddleston as Loki -- perfect. (There was never any question that Anthony Hopkins could play the role of Odin, and they did good with the visuals to make him physically convincing).

Idris Elba, whose selection as Heimdall made me wince originally -- he (and the directors, makeup and effects people, etc.) proved me wrong. They USED the fact that the actor was black to make a point about Heimdall's unique position, and it was *DAMNED* effective. While Heimdall has relatively few lines, he plays a part in several pivotal scenes and Mr. Elba USES that very, very well. I am very happy with him as Heimdall, and even happier to have been proven wrong, wrong, wrong.

The Warriors Three -- perfect. Oh, okay, not QUITE. Volstagg SHOULD have been played by a 30 year old Brian Blessed, but as they hadn't access to a time machine they had to to make do with what they had, and they did so very well.

The Destroyer: Perfect, though I wish they'd held that back for a sequel or something.

Tons and tons of references to the comic continuity, ranging from obvious to very subtle.

Kathleen confessed afterward that she went into THOR with the same attitude I had going into Speed Racer: "This thing is going to SUCK, and the only good thing I'll get out of it is that I'll be able to hold this over Ryk's head for the next ten years: 'You took me to see that terrible THOR movie on our ANNIVERSARY...' " 

Instead she thought it was quite good -- about as good in her estimation as the newer Incredible Hulk movie, which makes it not as good as the Iron Man movies but still a good superhero movie worth watching more than once.

So rejoice, Marvel fans; I will not be forced to call upon the Wrath of Odin to smite them. :)
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