seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Weapons question for military air people...

When a missile or rocket is loaded onto an aircraft, I presume the launch rail/holder must have some kind of coupler to not only hold the weapon, but to activate it (set off the drive and, if it's a smart weapon, tell it "look there" or something to that effect).

When such weapons are loaded onto an aircraft, (A) would the act of connecting it trigger some sequence of recognition by the aircraft ("Hey, I've just got a new missile!")? (B) How long does an aircraft remain loaded? That is, is it standard practice for them to sit around with their missiles onboard, or are those only loaded prior to taking off on a flight where using them is considered normal? (C) Is there an event in which the missiles get "checked" when the aircraft prepares for takeoff (that is, is the missile control "pinged" by the aircraft systems to make sure it's active?)
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