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"Frienditto" Bandittos?

A number of my friends on LJ have alerted others to the stupidities being committed by this particular group. Apparently they sleazily acquire (taking advantage of many LJ-users' naivete) passwords to accounts which permits them to display friends-only posts.

Now, while *I* have never made a restricted post, nor can I imagine making one, but for those who trusted that their private posts would remain private, this is a deliberate and offensive violation of privacy.

Apparently some of the Frienditto users have also been going around mocking various LJ users' private posts and doing similar things to posts against the frienditto "service". I ran across a couple of examples. Pretty sad -- I'd guess high school lusers with nothing better to do than be assholes.

Frienditto seems to be connected to something else called "LJ Drama", but I have no idea what THAT is.
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