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Movie Meme: The Answers...

I realized I hadn't posted the answers for the two quotes no one actually got

The meme was as follows::

Copy these directions and then fill in:

Pick 10 movies.

From each movie, pick a quote. The poster MAY use Google, IMDB, etc., to make sure they get the quote right.

Post the quotes; the object for the readers is to guess which movie the quotes came from. READERS MAY NOT USE GOOGLE, IMDB or other references; the idea is to see if you can identify the movies on your own, not whether you can copy-and-paste the quote into a search engine!

Once a quote has been successfully identified, strike out the quote, credit the person who first identified the movie, and then say something about what made you choose that movie and/or that particular quote.

And now, my choices, and the answers. The two that are NOT struck through were never identified by any poster; the others were all answered and credit is given.

 "Oh, but the fans LOVE it, don't they?"
"They do -- God help 'em -- and they're about to get some more!"
   Not identified by anyone. I found this to be something of a surprise as the movie in question is well-known to be one of my favorites and I had in fact used a quote from it the last time I did the meme.
   This is from Speed Racer, and was said by the announcers at the Fuji race when Racer X, "the Harbinger of Boom", made his appearance, taking out one of the other racers.

"NOBODY fires... until I give permission."
   Again, not identified by anyone. This one I was NOT surprised to find no takers for, since it comes from a movie that wasn't TERRIBLY popular even back in its day, and these days is almost forgotten.
   The quote is from Iron Eagle, and was said by the Big Bad (who I think was supposed to be a combination of Moammar Khadafy [whatever spelling is proper] and another dictator of the era (was Saddam Hussein around then?)) when the hero was attempting to land and rescue his father.

"I am a musician. The monkey is a businessman. We have an agreement: he does not tell me what to play, and I do not tell him what to do with his money."
   Identified by hvideo as coming from The Return of the Pink Panther. Spoken by a putatively blind man (actually a lookout for a bank robber gang) to Inspector Clouseau.
   I chose this one because it was one of the movies my whole family enjoyed, and used to quote, back when I was pretty young. Peter Sellers was the only one who could truly manage the role of Clouseau.

"If you weren't smart enough to plan ahead, then doom on you!"
   hallerlake  correctly identifies this as from Ice Age, speaken by the leader of the militant survivalist dodos to the three odd travelers.
I choose this because it's one of the most repeated lines in our house, along with "The last... melon..."

"Upon what poor, defenseless world has my monstrosity been... unleashed?"    
Identified by pedanther  as from Lilo and Stitch, this line was spoken by Dr. Jumba, the creator of Stitch, after learning his creation had escaped.
    Lilo and Stitch is just a wonderful movie (aside from the Elvis references, but one can't have everything). This scene encapsulates the ability of the movie to go from comedic to frightening in a single unified moment.

"Where are you going to go? I don't know if you've looked in the mirror lately, but you kind of stick out in a crowd."
  Identified by hvideo  as from Van Helsing, spoken by Karl to the Frankenstein Monster.
   Van Helsing is one of our favorite movies of all time. I don't know how many times we've watched it, and it's provided inspiration for more than one campaign, too.

"Cleric, I can only hope one day to be as uncompromising as you. "
Correctly identified by cygny  as from Equilibrium. This movie is SO filled with cool that they had to install extra heaters in the theaters to keep from freezing the audience. It is so filled with cool that it was able to make me ignore a HUGE PLOT INCONSISTENCY without so much as a peep until afterwards; people who know me know this is a major feat indeed. Gun-kata for the win! This is also the movie that proved that Christian Bale was BORN to play the Batman.

"I won't be the one, but neither will you. "
  And xander_opal  correctly identifies this as being from The One, starring Jet Li a  number of times over. This movie kicked ass, despite not QUITE delivering on the answer to the central question of the universe. Of course, they were probably hoping it would do well enough to justify a sequel. I chose the line I did because it's a central decision point -- the main character refusing even the potential of power -- and also not trivially identifiable EVEN THOUGH IT HAS THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE IN IT.

"How did you know that his next turn would be to starboard?"
  Identified by jeriendhal  as from The Hunt for Red October, spoken by the captain of the sub pursuing Red October.

"I'm not a weasel. I am... practical."
  As shsilver  says, this is from Young Sherlock Holmes, spoken by Watson to Sherlock, who's attempting to convince Watson to accompany him on an undoubtedly questionable venture.  As Sherlock says, weasels ARE practical, thus Watson's statement doesn't actually argue against him being a weasel.
   I simply love this movie. As others have pointed out, this is nothing but one of the best pieces of Holmes fanfic ever written, it just happened to have been written by someone with the money to produce it on the wide screen.

Thanks for playing!
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