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Automatic translation: EPIC FUNNY FAIL!

As an author, I am of course interested in what people say about my books, no matter what country they're in. As Grand Central Arena is also the first book I've had translated, I'm even more interested in (A) how good the translation is, and (B) what people think of it.

However, automated translation seems... lacking. Here's an example of the translation of a review of Grand Central Arena from, as translated by Google:

Review Author: Black pussy willow
This review is from: Grand Central Arena (above) (SF Mass Market Paperback) (Paperback)
Ozu is superior to the middle pin and the stage set and story line good enough, or that I bought loss, etc. (that are impolite) but I thought that stage, "Arena" and much of the story moves to the tempo also rise, you suddenly become interesting.

OK What is it that scientists in the macho battle to the captain of a beauty girl, I think people set up a super pretty calm considering, surrounded by a variety of different tribe, must be found in it and survive mankind as a representative, rather it is a good enough.

Yes... er., well, that must be very good, as "Black Pussy Willow" (characters are  黒猫柳) gave GCA five stars. But I'll be damned if I can figure out more than about 10% of what it actually MEANS.

Here's another:

Review Author: Santai
This review is from: Grand Central Arena (above) (SF Mass Market Paperback) (Paperback)
Theory and experiment which establishes a different space ultra-fast navigation. To wander the world of miniature garden attracts several thousand aliens, called Arena.
Where witch-like tribes, tribes like the priests, and the tribe faces wicked "challenge" was to compete in a game called.

Have a story or miniature garden world genre yuan, Ranobe Sneaker Bunko "It is their problem child it comes from another world?" Is similar to setting the stage. That aside, until about 2 / 3 上巻 is partly Imaichi illegibility, suddenly becomes interesting and challenging start to the challenge.

The author met with fans in E · E · Smith, the Senate pro game is OK people Supeope body as a scientist at the time.
And the Homage neta more original characters, so this is summarized in the postscript of 下巻 and even,
Seize the characters and enjoy it if you do not mind reading some Netabare. People are concerned about the Netabare Conversely Avoid this.
Inflation is the strength of the human race, scientists and captains of What superhuman strength and hose Supeope opera, partly nostalgia is nice.

This one I think I can make out a little more of, but it has some... bizarre moments in it ("Ranobe Sneaker Bunko"?).

On the positive side, all the reviews thus far are good (4 or 5 stars) and what little I can make out of them seems to indicate they are at least reading something like what I wrote. If I could travel back in time and tell myself to learn Japanese, though, I probably would.
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