seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

I hope the morning is not a foreshadowing of the day.

At 4AM, I awakened to an odd smell. My sluggish brain tried to figure out what it was. I finally went looking, and as I entered the kitchen remembered that I had turned on a burner to bring something to a boil... and had fallen asleep.

I then -- still being half asleep -- made the somewhat rational but in hindsight ill-considered decision to dump in water to deal with any burning inside the pot.

The water naturally vaporized, carrying oil and stink with it EVERYWHERE. I have no idea how long it will be to get the house not having this vague smell of burned chicken broth.

I tried to go back to sleep -- after spending an hour trying to air out the house as best I could -- but finally gave up around 6:15. I was of course still punchy, got Gabriel fed, medicated and out the door... forgetting that I *WASN'T* supposed to do that today. He has an appointment. Which is so far away that Kathleen will simply not be able to fetch him from school and then get to the appointment.

Filled with FAIL.
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