seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

AKICILJ: Vapor generating chamber

I'm looking for a place I can find -- preferably to use for a short period of time -- a piece of equipment which meets these parameters:
  • Has a small chamber (could be anything over say 8" on a side) into which I could place a wireless sensor.
  • Can generate a KNOWN CONCENTRATION of an analyte (say, acetone) into that chamber
  • Can vary that concentration so that we can see that the sensor is measuring the concentration and tracking shifts in that concentration.
I would have THOUGHT such equipment was common, almost trivially available, to the point I thought any college or chemical company would have such things on hand. I'm finding it extraordinarily difficult, and the few places I've found that claim to sell such things want more money than we can afford to pay (this is a small contract to begin with).

Ideas? Sources?

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