seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

One odd health question, one odd FB question...

Health: I occasionally have these incredible stabbing pains from pressure-sensitive areas in the palm of my hand, generally near/between the base joints of the fingers (that is, the ones that form the top of the palm. If I so much as TOUCH these areas directly (as will often happen if, for instance, I try to grip a steering wheel) it feels as though a spike is driving straight through that part of the hand. It doesn't hurt AT ALL without pressure. And it's not always there -- some days I don't have that sensitivity, although I admit I don't go digging my fingers into that area; the pain is a 10 on this scale when it hits.

Facebook: I got a request to friend from "Michelle Thompson"; she had no friends in common, but it wasn't one of those Email-scam requests which turn out to come from some other site, it was actually a FB site. Since she didn't have any friends in common, I figured I'd message her first to find out who she was and why she was friending me (I don't just accept any friend request).

  So I click on "Message", but instead of the "write a message" box, up came what appeard to be a series of messages she'd sent (but that I had never seen until then, so they couldn't have been ACTUAL messages). These messages were... well, they accused Kathy of doing things she wouldn't ever do.

  My question is, WTF? Why would someone do this? What do they get out of it? The accusations are ludicrous on the face of it, and read almost like one of those scams that relies on eventually hitting "close enough" to the truth, but what would the rest of the scam be and why this particular approach rather than the good old tried-and-true Nigerian?
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