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  I have three books under contract, one completely finished, one to be finalized next weekend, and one well underway. Respectively, these are Phoenix Rising, Portal (third in the Boundary series), and Spheres of Influence (sequel to Grand Central Arena).

  Phoenix Rising comes out in October. I have contacted a couple of people already who have agreed to read it (if they're reading this, they already know who they are) and, if they like it, give a blurb, but as they're both busy people, and as either or both of them might find they aren't enthusiastic about the book and thus not willing to blurb it, I'm interested in anyone else who might be in a position to do an advance reading and give such a review (if they like the book of course). The main selection criterion is obviously that such advance readers be in a position that their blurbs mean something to publishers and readers -- I of course have my entire beta-reading list of people that I could get good quotes from but most if not all of them aren't in that category.

  Portal is slightly less urgent for two reasons: first, it won't be out until probably early 2013, and moreover it's part of a series which already has several worthwhile blurbs/reviews.

  Spheres of Influence won't be finished for a while, but good blurbs for the PRIOR novel, Grand Central Arena, would be great.

  I will provide appropriate candidates with hardcopy or electronic versions of the relevant materials as they prefer.

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