seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Well, that was the best sucky weekend I've ever had...

The week was hectic, and everyone in the house had been getting sick. I was sent out on travel on Wednesday and Thursday; I felt mildly sick but it didn't really start to get bad until I went to my hotel room, and it turned out to have mold/mildew in the air. I managed to bull my way through Thursday, but by Friday I felt pretty icky and went to the doctor. She could hear the tight wheezing in my chest and prescribed antibiotics and prednisone.

I hit the downhill slope immediately after getting to the store for the drugs, and by the late evening I was pretty much out of it.

Our friends Carolyn and Phil came to visit, however.

I was pretty much unable to do anything except talk; even getting up and walking around was exhausting. By Saturday I was running a fever.

But fortunately, Phil happens to like my writing, and was willing to sit there and let me read stuff to him (which also allows me to catch flaws in the writing as I go through, that I would otherwise miss). We got to the end of the first volume of _Demons of the Past_ by the end of their stay.

I rarely get to read my stuff to people any more; it's something I enjoy. And in this situation it was pretty much the only thing I *could* do with my guests so it worked out about as well as things could have.

Now I hope this thing will have faded away enough by tomorrow so I can go to work.
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