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Doctor Who Meme!

Somehow this got deleted...

Kathy is not permitted to play this one, as she can undoubtedly answer them all.

Here's a meme that's easier to do than my "Guess my favorite scene" meme, or at least I hope so. This is for all the Whovians out there.

Conditions are simple: you try to figure out the answers to the questions below. Anyone who CORRECTLY (first) guesses the answer to one or more of them HAS to post the same meme in THEIR LJ.

Whenever someone has guessed the answer correctly, I have to strike out the question and add an explanation or commentary on that answer.

On to the questions!

1) WHO is my favorite Doctor? (and "yes" does not count) It's a close contest, but Teeth and Curls wins out over the Dandy by a (large) nose. Tom Baker may have been the fourth person to play the Doctor, but he may well have been the only man to BECOME the Doctor in the minds of so many. Crazy like a fox, with a disarming grin and the ability to switch from buffoon to towering presence in a moment, Baker's Doctor managed to be both approachable and, when necessary, a terrible presence as befitted a Timelord.

2) Which is my favorite Companion? She wore a skimpy outfit and looked good in it. She kicked more butt than many of the Doctors ever did. And she could go out on her own and take care of herself, unlike many others.

3) What is my favorite Doctor Who adversary (must have appeared in at least two story arcs)? I would have given credit for either "Davros" or "The Daleks". As an individual, Davros wins the Creep Me Out sweepstakes withered hands down. The Daleks, well, they're just cool. And as we decided while watching the Utena movie, "Everything's better with Daleks!". I'm currently RP'ing a Dalek. A very unusual Dalek, but a Dalek.

4) What was my favorite Doctor Who story (i.e., set of episodes -- books don't count)

5) Which is my LEAST favorite Doctor? Tristan Farnon was not my image of the Doctor. Then they handed poor Davison bad companions, poor direction, and lackluster scripts. Suckitude ensues. Davison probably could have made something of the role, if they'd given him a chance.

6) Which Companion do I most dislike, and why?

7) Which adversary did I least like(same caveat, one-timers need not apply)?

8) What was my most-disliked Who story?
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