seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Crippled and drugged!

Been a long time since I updated. I'll try to cover some of everything in the past few weeks, but let's deal with the immediate events...

Yesterday at work we were moving a truck axle into place. Now, those who know my job will be asking "What in the name of the Seven Towers did you need a truck axle for?"; well, it has to do with the DOT contract we have to create something to help in truck inspections. Anyway, we're trying to put this thing up on the platform and the guys on the other end lifted before both of the guys on my end (me and another fellow) were ready. I was the one at the far end, bent over the most and I suddenly had a massive amount of the weight of this thing (which is around 500 pounds) on me. It was immediately painful and I was semi-crippled the rest of the day, moving with pain like a 90-year-old Victorian retired Indian Colonel with gout. By this morning it was past "semi". It took me -- literally -- ten minutes to get out of bed and slowly drag/hobble to the bathroom, and I ended up literally crawling back. I am on codeine, muscle relaxants, and anti-inflammatories, and still in pain. I can't sit up (and in fact the doctor's orders are that I SHOULD NOT sit up), I can't even shift position without going "ow, ow, ow!". If it's not better by Monday I'll probably be in the hospital for X-rays and MRIs.

In other news...

Last week included my 10th (TENTH!!!) anniversary with Kathleen. I want to make it clear, state it publicly, that ten years after I married her my lovely wife is even more perfect than she was when we first got married. I also want to state that it doesn't seem possible that it's been ten years. (Only the existence of nearly-nine-year-old Chris provides incontrovertible proof). We went to a good local restaurant, the Butcher's Block, where I got one of the best prime ribs I've ever had and we sampled several other things. On Mother's Day, we all went to the Ocean Palace, possibly the best Chinese restaurant in the area. One of the highlights of that dinner was finding that Christopher still likes to eat jellyfish (which are not, as far as I know, available at ANY other restaurant in the Capital District).

We've been watching the New Doctor Who series; finally got through the alien invasion and reached Dalek; these are good episodes, very much Whoish in many ways, although Dalek is deeply disturbing; I hope that the subsequent episodes follow up on the emotional events in this one, because otherwise the importance of that episode will be drastically and tragically diminished. This Doctor has been much more arbitrary and occasionally cruel in prior eps, and it came to a head in Dalek -- and made sense there. However, he should start getting BETTER now. I hope the writers will recognize that.

Still waiting to hear from Jim Baen RE Demons of the Past. I'm of course on tenterhooks about this; Demons of the Past is a story I've wanted to write/tell for nearly 20 years now, maybe even longer -- I'm no longer sure when I took my first crack at it, but it was BEFORE I wrote the first Jason Wood story. It's the only story I've come back to and rewritten multiple times, and now I feel ready to write it properly.
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