seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

For those who may care...

(mostly certain family and friends who read my LJ)

  My birthday is upcoming and people often ask what they can get me. (doesn't mean, after asking, that they're obligated to do so, of course). A fair number of choices can be found on Amazon. 

But there are a few things that generally AREN'T on Amazon that I would like. These are  all related to my own published (and to be published) work, which is of course a large part of my life.

Large-sized prints of the artwork on my books, especially Phoenix Rising, Grand Central Arena (both the original and Japanese covers), Boundary, and Threshold.

Pictures of characters, creatures, and scenes from my work. I have on occasion been fortunate enough to have people do this for me (Hey Keith, Mary, Lexomatic, Leece!)  I love any of them, but stuff for Phoenix Rising, Grand Central Arena, and Digital Knight are highest on my personal list (along with the forthcoming Portal and Spheres of Influence, and the unpublished Polychrome  and Demons of the Past). The first two would also be useful for any promo work I'm doing for Phoenix Rising and for the sequel to Grand Central Arena, Spheres of Influence.

Animations, etc., of the same subjects.

  These things are of interest to me mainly because I am, myself, not an artist in any way, and while I can see the universes I make in my head, that's not the same as having an image on a screen or on the wall.

I can (or others can) take photographs of the real things around me, but only an artist can take something out of my head or written words and put it where others -- and I -- can see it.
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