seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

This must be the era of suckitude.

We go to see our doctor today, as it's necessary he examine us and so on for referral purposes, etc. With me, he's taken aback by the fact that the ER staff didn't bother to get an X-ray, and so I have to go get one in order to satisfy requirements before getting an MRI (which is much more likely to show something useful). With Kathleen, he can't believe they didn't at least consider keeping her for observation, and gives a strict injunction that if she shows another spike of fever she's to go straight to the hospital. With various delays, we spent a large chunk of the day in the doc's office -- and this was NOT doing me any good, or her. And -- you guessed it -- about half an hour to an hour after we finally got home, BANG -- her temp shoots back up to 101.5.

So now I'm here at home, back feeling worse, and my wife in the hospital.

Darn it, it's time for some good news here!!!
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