seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Phoenix Rising eARC is AVAILABLE!

  For those who've been following the snippeting and decided they cannot wait, you can now buy the eARC (electronic Advance Reader's Copy) of Phoenix Rising here.

EDIT: Yes, it is expensive for an eBook. In this case, you're paying the price to be able to read it before anyone else can. The MUCH less expensive version becomes available after the print version comes out, in early November.

  An eARC is a typeset version of the final book which includes the cover image, maps, etc., but will be missing the final passes for key edits, etc., and so is not quite as polished as the final published version (for instance, it won't include the line edits/notes I'm putting into the galley proofs right now).

  If you're a professional reviewer and want one, I can arrange to get you one gratis.


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