seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

ALBACON Schedule!

Finally have my schedule for Albacon (which is next week!!!)

Friday, October 19th:

8:00 PM Ice Cream Social: Hey, come visit, eat ice cream. MMM. Ice cream. Room: Cole/Church

10:00PM: Anime Films You Should See At Least Once: From the text, it seems that this also includes series. Let's see what people recommend! :) Room: Cole

Saturday, October 20th: (a very busy day)

10:00AM: Reading (for a full hour!): I'll be reading from Phoenix Rising, and maybe something else.  Room: Reading. How apropos!

12 Noon: Signing: Come get me to write in your copies of my books. Buy some if you like -- we'll have Phoenix Rising copies available!   Room: Autograph. (I suspect these are not real room names now.)

3:00 PM: Genre Mixing. How do you scramble the genres together and get away with it?  Room: Cole/Church

5:00 PM: Hard SF and the Future: Will hard SF continue to be recognized, or is it already fading away? Room: Cole/Church

6:00 PM: Space Opera: Ahh, my favorite subgenre. Room: Telecom (Telecom? As a room name? Who's running this hotel?)

Sunday, October 21: No events scheduled, unless I get asked to cover or something. So I may or may not be there on Sunday. If I know particular people will be there Sunday and they want to see me I can of course show up.

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