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Praise for a Loyal Lieutenant

One of the perks of being a Loyal Lieutenant is, of course, occasional public praise (until, naturally, the day when you fail the Dark Lord and die in some suitably exemplary fashion to be held up as both warning and example for future holders of the office.). There are several things my current Loyal Lieutenant deserves mention for. As there may be some benighted souls who do not find my personal activities and those of my dedicated followers to be as rivetingly fascinating as should be, I hereby conceal the remainder behind this cut.

Shana, my Loyal Lieutenant, came to visit us a few weeks ago. This was a most enjoyable visit, and also one in which she was able to demonstrate her loyalty. Not being Ming the Merciless, I generously did not ask her to throw herself on her sword for this purpose.

Shana had previously demonstrated both loyalty and extreme taste in sending us clothing for Vicky which managed to be cute yet not cloying and, largely, UnPink. She also had pleased Me by sending me a number of Space Opera Star Sector Atlases, some of which I had been unable to obtain previously. As a geek gamer who loves Space Opera especially, this was a wonderful gift.

This was surpassed, however, by the largesse she dispensed upon arrival: The World Book of Khaas. This is a thick, heavy, impressive black tome with gold lettering that contains the gathered, sorted, and concentrated wisdom of Dave Hargrave, a gamer who was by all accounts somewhat hard to play with, but who created the half-legendary RPG supplements known as the Arduin Grimoires. All of the Arduin lore is now gathered between these hard covers, and for nostalgia, entertaining gamer-reading, and a still-ready source of ideas, there is not and has never been a better choice than Arduin. I'm not sure I'd even known it was issued before; if I did, I probably was in the midst of unemployment and purchasing large hardcover gaming books was out of the question.

She also brought more Vicky clothes, entertained our children, held Vicky, and generally demonstrated that she was just a fun person to be around. She also asked to hear more of the Ancient Secrets (in other words, wanted me to generally babble and rant about my plans for the universe, and old gaming events that might impinge on that, and more of the story behind An American Gamer in Gondor, etc.), and is now far more educated in What Is To Come. She knows Important Things now.

We look forward to her next visit. :) She has done well.

... just as long as she doesn't show up sitting in my car one day.... "I'm AuthorGirl! I know all your styles, your paragraph breaks -- " *creepy fanatic look* "I'm your biggest fan!"

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