seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

How do I write?

This has apparently become a meme -- I'm reposting the reply I gave to this on Usenet. It was Dan Goodman who posted the original message to which I replied.

> 1) Do you think in words?

Depends on how you mean that. I have fully-formed concepts, some of
which I cannot put into words, but when I'm writing I think in words
(which makes the concepts which are difficult to put into words a PITA
when I have to write about them.

> 2) How do you remember? Is your memory primarily visual, auditory,
> kinesthetic, etc.? Or is it abstract -- you remember that someone is
> of a certain numerical height rather than what she looks like? (Note:
> If those two seem exactly equivalent to you, there are things you need
> to know about other ways of thinking. Look up "learning styles.")

I remember things based on the elements that were significant. If
it's a kinesthetic event, I remember it as a physical sensation; if
it's a visual thing, I remember images; if it's a book, I remember
events, words, images it brought to mind, etc. All things are also
remembered as facts -- i.e., I saw X, I felt X, I did X.

> 3) Do you have any synesthesias? Before you answer "No," go here;
> check the definition of synesthesia, then check the types of
> synesthesia.

I have some ABILITY to do this at will -- i.e., assign a color to a
smell or so on -- but it's not something I do naturally.

> 4) How do you usually get things done?

Preferably with a lot of time directly assigned to that task and
nothing else. I hate interruptions and don't work nearly as well when

> 5) What interests you when you read fiction?

Primarily the events and cool ideas. Characters are very much
secondary unless they drive the action BY their character.

> 6) How do you believe societies work?

I'm not even sure I know what you mean by the question.

> 7) What did you learn in school which isn't true?

Nothing, AFAIK. School taught me virtually nothing anyway, at least
until college.
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