seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

USB Sticks and Bad Design...

Over the years, I've owned something like 6 or 7 USB memory sticks.

I never INTENDED to have more than one, and I haven't actually HAD more than one at a time.

Why, then, have I had that many?

Because the manufacturers can't seem to be bothered to recognize that it'd be nice for their sticks to STAY ON THE KEYCHAIN.

One brand comes with a metal loop for putting it on your keychain. But the metal's thin and it's not a solid loop but a piece of wire that can come apart, and eventually does, leaving your USB in your pocket somewhere or letting it drop off on the floor or the street. After a few of these ended up lost or going through the laundry (which killed them), I got another one. This one had a hole through the plastic casing for the keychain.

A hole ON A SLANT. So that it wouldn't spin around and find a nice resting position like, say, the rest of your keys, but would be held tensely out from the keyring at some angle, and would always have trouble fitting into a USB drive without putting pressure on it.

This one has also broken, and currently I can't find it. I suspect it'll turn up in the wash, having been left in one of my pairs of pants.

Am I asking so much that these things be made tough enough to last a few MONTHS?

(Note: I'm sure there's expensive brands that meet the criteria, but really, I'm not asking for something that should require I pay a thirty-dollar premium; I can get loops for my keychain for pennies.)
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