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Videogames and violence?

One of my LJfriends, count_zeroor, discussed the recent appearance of John Davidson of 1up on TV and the way in which he was set up to be the screwed fall guy.

I'd thought this idiocy was long over. What happened to the idea that people have some actual responsibility for their actions? No, no, we have to blame a video game. We have to blame them and LIE about them, too. It's too much to actually think that maybe the behavior of the kids has to do with, oh, maybe THEM? And their PARENTS, possibly? Naaah, must be videogames and TV shows.

Of course, we can't discuss the fact that the TV shows themselves are deliberately designed to be divisive. Or that the very rhetoric being used in "discussing" the issues is divisive - BAD game writers/players versus GOOD "non-geeky" people. KIDS versus ADULTS.

Bah. Humbug.
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