seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Christmas Wish List...

... not that I expect my readers (LJ or my books) to do so, but many others have posted these so why not? Items range from the "Fantasy Island" level down to the practical.

"Fantasy Island"
1) A major motion  picture contract for one of my books (or a live-action or anime contract, I'm not picky!)
2) Ten... MILLION... dollars. That way I can retire and just spend my time writing!

"Wishful Thinking"
3) A large new book contract (say $10k+ advance to me)
4) See one of my books taking off in sales
5) Big, well-publicized review/discussion of one of my books (this could in theory lead to some of the others, I suppose) on one of the major online, print, or televised venues
6) Big new entertainment center (as in, one with a new decent TV, soundsystem, and so on that can actually work with modern gadgets)

"Possible but not easily bought"

7) Original artwork, animation, etc., based on my work -- characters, scenes, etc. I've occasionally gotten such and they're some of my favorite gifts. This could also be for Not-Yet Released works like Portal, Spheres, or even not yet published stuff like Polychrome and Demons of the Past.

"Money can't buy EVERYTHING but it can buy this..."

8) Large professional reproductions of my book's cover paintings. I currently have one (the one for Phoenix Rising); I don't yet have any of the others. (I'd like the originals, of course, but THAT gets into serious money, especially if you're dealing with people on the top level of the field)
9) Anything on my Amazon wish list is obviously cool. :)

And that's my self-indulgent post for the year! :)
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