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SUPERMAN vs. Son Goku...

The guys who brought you other Death Battles, including Rainbow Dash VS Starscream, have now taken on one of the longest-standing and most hotly debated "Ho'od Win" questions of all time: Son Goku VS Superman, the Man of Steel.

And it is AWESOMELY well done. I also agree with the overall outcome (with some caveats, below). It of course won't stop the arguments.

Overall, I agree that Superman is the likely winner; I can envision more scenarios in which Superman beats Goku than those in which Goku beats Superman, and of course any of these things comes down to a lot of judgment calls, even by those trying to be as impartial as possible.

However, I felt that given the scenario they set up, they failed to be entirely consistent with their own lead-up narration.

They made a point of the fact that Superman worries more about other people, sometimes about property, than he does about himself. And Superman's shown himself more than willing to talk with adversaries whenever possible -- so has Goku, even if he intends to finish the fight anyway -- and yet Superman didn't ask to remove the battle elsewhere, even though it was clear his adversary was just interested in a fun fight, not crime or atrocities. This ends up being taken to LUDICROUS levels at the end, in which by now Superman has a good grasp of just HOW powerful Goku is and STILL keeps fighting him near/on the Earth... which is eventually vaporized. This just isn't consistent with the way the Man of Steel operates; he'd at least TRY to talk, and CERTAINLY try to remove the battle to some location where no one could be hurt (and given that Goku demonstrated his Instant-Transmission technique, he'd be able to do so by the expedient of flying far away and letting Goku follow); Goku even KNOWS of a couple such places, and it's not like Goku WANTS to hurt people, so he'd go along.

(Actually, one of the scenarios I see in which Superman wins is by literally talking Goku down. Goku actually WILL listen to people; heck, he even gave Freezer a chance to live, he'll certainly listen to Supes.)

On the other side, they ignored some of the most objectively awesome indications of power level in Goku's universe. Early in the manga, Kame-Senin *BLOWS UP THE MOON* to force Goku to revert to his humanoid rather than rampaging Oozaru form.

Blows. Up. The. Moon. The amount of power necessary to do that to even a small planet, like the Moon, is IMMENSE.

And this is early on in the manga. Piccolo does that again (someone put the moon back) almost casually later on; blowing up planets is a relatively EASY feat for high-powered Ki warriors, and by the time of Goku's prime, he is MANY orders of magnitude more powerful than that; their ki-powers can literally blow holes in reality, shatter solar systems, etc. So I'm not sure that it would come down to Supes being able to one-punch nuke Goku.

But, as I said, I can still come up with more scenarios in which Superman, who's VASTLY smarter than Goku, would win than ones in which Goku would win, so the overall outcome -- Superman beats Goku -- I agree with.

And as I said before, the match work itself is AWESOMELY cool.

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