seawasp (seawasp) wrote,

Looking for MERP books...

  ... yeah, I know, old-school there. But I have some of the old ones. I'm looking for MERP books that offer low-to-mid-level adventures (the ones I have tend to the higher power levels, like Gorgoroth). I saw some on Amazon, but unfortunately it's hard to judge which ones are best, and they seem to be *much* more expensive than most other used RPG stuff, so buying them isn't matter of "heck, I can get ten for a buck, I'll order 'em all".

Any gamers out there with suggestions?

I'm aware someone else got the license, but I'm not sure of how the quality of the work compares to ICE's, which -- while their SYSTEM was about as far from the one I'd have wanted as possible -- was just stunningly well researched and done with loving attention to detail.
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